Files available between my NAS internally and Nextcloud

I just finished/installed the nextcloud installation on a VM (on my qnap) successfully.
can I find the files that I upload into nextcloud, somewhere on my nas?
I want to be able to access all the files uploaded in nextcloud(VM) on my NAS internally.

Does anyone has a solution/idea?
Thanks, Regards, John

Hey John,

I’ve the same setup (Qnap NAS and Nextcloud in a Ubuntu VM). I’m using a shared folder on my NAS as the data directory. Therefore I can access all my files without using nextcloud. I’ve set it up like this to differentiate between the nextcloud installation directory and the data directory more easily. I access the data directory only for backups. Check out the documentation:

I don’t know if it’s “safe” to work on the files within nextcloud and from your NAS at the same time. I assume that it depends on your usecase and that you should keep some things in mind.