Files are not visible under duckdns trusted domain

Hi. I am currently running nextcloud 16 and I realiesed if I log in to the cloud on my duckdns domain any files , folders cannot be seen.
On android device this is working perfectly.
I am trying to reach my files under this domin on win 10 laptop and I tried 3 difference browser but I got the same result.

I can see my files if I use my local domain.

I cannot see anything under duckdns domain.

Have someone experienced this issue?

Hi SzSzabolcs
Did you find a solution for this please? I’ve run in the same situation right after upgrade NC from 19.0.3 to 20.0.2. We uses NC with OpenLDAP integration to authenticate users. After upgrade our LDAP users can see their files in the mobile apps (Android / iOS) also in Desktop sync client but NC WebUI. They can see exact the same “white screen”. like you mentioned, in the NC WebUI Files section. But files are there. I have tried run “occ files:scan” but it doesn’t helped me. But it seems to be problem only for the LDAP users because the local user (admin) can see its files well.

Have everyone any suggestions to solve this?

Thanks in advance.


Well, I reply to myself since I solved it. Actually, I don’t know exactly what was a reason of that problem but I solved it by restoring previous version 19.0.3 and upgrade it firstly to 20.0.0 and next to 20.0.2 and now it’s working well again. So that’s it. Maybe it’s always good idea to make upgrade firstly to the major version.