Files are not displaying


I have a single user and tried to encrypt-all files via command line but process got interrupted due to my network issue… After that, i logged-in and there is no file. Its just blank display in All files.

But strangely, when i go to Recently added and Gallery view. I can see the files… Then i deleted all files from my server except default next cloud files but still same issue. Then i created a new admin user but that’s also have same issue.

All other pages like apps/admin etc works fine. Encryption is disabled now. I’m using Nextcloud 11.0.3 (stable).

Any suggestion how to fix or reset nextcloud? Also whats the best way to encrypt files for a single user which are uploaded to server manually. I already posted a topic earlier about encryption. Would appreciate help. Thanks

Make sure that you have your DAV module enabled in Apache. I had upgraded my Apache instance, and was getting this same behavior (files are there, have been re-scanned, but don’t show up in the files tab). Once I enabled dav_module and restarted Apache, all was well.