Files App displaying blank screen when migrated the setup to another system!

My current setup-
Nextcloud Version:
Database: mySQL
Php: 7.2.31
System: Ubuntu Subsystem 18.04.1 in windows

I did my Nextcloud setup from the nextcloud-server git repository. After the setup was successful and everything ran successfully, I made some changes according to my preferences in the UI and other things. My friend did his nextcloud setup from my git repository, assuring that everything seems to work other than the Files App. In the Files app the sidebar tabs gets displayed but not the main content, i.e. his files do not appear on the screen and errors get displayed on the console.
Just to clarify, my files are showing fine and works great, but not on his system.

Errors are attached herewith:

Worked for me!

Added the following in the config/config.php file on the other system, and it worked out:

‘debug’ => true,

Only, by writing this Files App started working normal!

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