Files and folders disappear when I reload the page on Firefox

Hello everyone,

On two of my NC instances (one on 22.2.6 and the other on 23.0.3) with Firefox 98 or 99 on two differents Mac, when I reload the page with CMD + R, files and folders disappear. I have to reload and delete cache with CMD + MAJ + R to show files and folders again. (As you can see on the video). But with Brave I don’t have this issue. I try do delete all cache and cookie but I still have this issue.

You can see the issue on this video :

Any Idea ?

Thanks !

when did you scan your files of your NC instances last time?

If it is a while ago try the occ commands to rescan the whole NC files structure

login to your nc and follow this instruction

under ubuntu where www-data is my html user i need to run

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all (e.g.)

The moment that you will have to wait depends on your amount of stored data …

Thanks for your answer.
I try to scan files with “occ files:scan --all” but I still have the issue.

I try with Firefox Beta (100) and Safari and It’s works…

did you have an option in your nextcloud config.php like this:

‘filesystem_check_changes’ => 1,


Nope ! I don’t have this option in my config.php file

I try to use Safe Mode in my firefox 99 but It doesn’t works too

sounds like same

Yes, sounds like the same issue !

This other issue didn’t have any further replies. But it could be related to some apps as well. Can you try on If it is on their default setup, you can directly create a bug report.

Scanning the file system over and over again is not required. If you want to place manually files by other means (sftp, nfs, smb, …), please use external storage tool for that.

I don’t have the issue with demo account on :thinking:

Then, I’d try to disable additional apps or theming. You can enable it later.

I disable all apps and theming but I still the issue

I have the same issue with on my production instance with Nextcloud 23.0.3. On my test instance with Nextcloud 24.0.1 RC1, it works fine. Both tested with Firefox 99.0.1 on Arch Linux.

Have you tried to click on the “Files” icon in the top bar instead of clearing the cache? That works for me as a workaround and since the issue seems to be fixed with Nextcloud 24 and / or Firefox 100, I guess I will just live with this workaround for now…

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Thanks for your advice. Yes, click on the Files icon works, but it brings me back to the root of the folders, which is not very practical !

Perhaps you can find a corresponding bug report, then you could ask to backport to older versions as well. If there isn’t, it has perhaps been fixed by accident, then perhaps create a bug report and they can figure it out.

Not sure if this is even necessary. According to @pcet it works in Safari and Firefox 100 beta. I for my self can confirm that it also works in Google Chrome and other Chromium based browsers. So the issue is specific to NC version ≤ 23 and Firefox versions < 100 and will therfore most likely be solved on May 3rd anyways, because that’s when Firefox 100 will be released… :wink:

I hope so ! (I want to remind you that I also have the problem with an installation of nextcloud version 22.2.6)

i changed it to ≤ 23 :wink:

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It seems solved with Firefox 100

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I can confirm that. Reloading the page is working fine with Firefox 100.