Files Access Control - issue with Nextcloud Version 12


In Nextcloud Version 11.0.3 I created a folder named “Share”. This folder is shared with every User on my Nextcloud.
Now there are different groups which should only acces some subfolders. And only the admin user has acces to all subfolders.

When i restricted access on a subfolder in the folder “Share” this way

Files Access Control:
File collaborative tag - is tagged with - GroupA
User group membership - is not member of group - GroupA

and added Collaborative tag GroupA to this subfolder, user who is member of GroupA can browse all files/folders in this subfolder and in all its subfolders.
User who is member of GroupB can not see any files in this folder or can upload, download or create any files.
This is what I wanted to do and it was working fine.

In Nextcloud Version 12 the Files Access Control App is not working any more in this way.
When I do the same configuration mentioned above no user can access a subfolder within the folder “Share” which is tagged with the Collaborative tag GroupA.
For me it seems to be a Bug?

Thanks for your help

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I have the same problem, on a newly created server.

Do you guys have any solution for this issue?? I face the same problem… :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hi everyone,

If you want to deny access to the whole folder, so that file listing is not possible, I suggest you modify your rules slightly. It works perfectly for me on NC13:

That way when using the file mime type “httpd/unix-directory” you control the real folder access.

I hope it helps.