Filelink doesn't work on thunderbird linux

I use windows and linux systems. The windows version can upload and share files. The linux version can not upload any file. The setup works. I get the data of my quota. So setup is correct.

Have anybody an idea?

Which Linux and Thunderbird versions do you use?
For me it works on Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) with Thunderbird 60.8.0.
Can you see and errors in the Nextcloud log?

Sorry for the delay. I’m actual on holiday. I check your question with a seperate debian VM and surprise this solution works.
So now I will check my configuration at home after my holiday. I use at home a german language file for thunderbird. This is the only difference. I will create a fresh user at home and check the configuration.
What exactly log entries are interesting? I remeber what I don’t found any log entries that correlate with this issue.

The plugin works. The language file from ubuntu make the mistake. I remove the language from thunderbird and download the last one from the internet an filelinks works.

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Okay, so that’s why nobody could help :slight_smile: