File validation app development


I’m trying to develop a simple validation file application.
Basically, it would give the following features:

  • A user with edit rights on a share has the ability to validate (approve) files by clicking on a checkbox next to each files
  • A user with edit rights on a share has a custom view with the global validation status (in percent of files validated)

There are two technical difficulties for which I couldn’t find any documentation.

  1. Is there a clean way to modify core views, so I can add a checkbox for each file in the file list view?

  2. To keep track of the validation status in database, what would be the best approach?

  • Having a “validated” application tag? (Pros: I can use the tagging methods. Cons: I don’t find any way to make a tag exclusive to an application)
  • Create a validation table to track all files (Pros: it works. Cons: Will have to redevelop a bunch of methods already existing in tags scope)

Any suggestion or app examples to help me develop that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, afaik there is a file actions js API, however its undocumented and you will need to read the source of other apps that do similar things.
  2. Simply create a table where one column is your approved boolean and another column is the foreign key to the specific file


Thanks for the advice!
Regarding this fileaction API, do you have any example in mind? I’ve browsed the app store, and I didn’t find any apps providing this kind of feature


Just check the files app.

Very good feature ! That could be good to add an “Approved” and “Refuse” rule to “File automated tagging”.