File upload time instead of mtime


after using my new nextcloud installation I am facing the following problem:

When I upload files by web browser, then the file date (mtime) will be ignored and be replaced by the upload time. This is very annoying e.g. because I don’t know when uploaded pictures were taken (I’d have to look in the exif data which would be a poor workaround). Also syncing files with other devices and creating backups might be difficult because of the changed mtime.

I would like to preserve the original file attributes. I would be so glad if someone had a clue how to get rid of this strange behaviour. Perhaps this behaviour is the result of an errenous configuration step I had taken.

Nextcloud version: 13.0.0
Operating system and version: Rapsbian Stretch (distro: nextcloudpi)
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3.

I tried the following clients for uploading files:
- Latest version of Firefox (59) for Windows 
- Latest version of Firefox (59) for Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)
- Chrome on Android

Thank you and kind Regards

Hey beavercloud,

I don’t know if this is still a current problem for you. But here is a solution which I forked and added the correct version number for nextcloud 14. It is still compatible with nextcloud 14.

Best regards