File upload larger than 2 GB aborts

Hello everybody,

I have the problem that files larger than 2GB cannot be uploaded. The upload seems to work, but it stops at “0 seconds left” for some time and then aborts. Either I get a “500 Internal Error MOVE failed” or I get a “Client Timeout”. I went through my whole config already, but found no clues for the errors. There is nothing in the log files either.

I would be happy if someone would have a look at my configs.

Best regards :slight_smile:

Nextcloud version: 18.0.2-1
Operating system and version: ArchLinux
nginx version: 1.16.1-2
PHP: php 7.4.4

Perhaps the app “Flow Upload” can help you. But it do not solve the original problem

probably I’m affected by this bug: