File Transfer Speed an Ongoing Issue

This may have been resolved for some, but for Nextcloud to really take off, it will have to find a good out-of-the-box, zero user config solution for the ongoing issues with slow file transfers, such as experienced in uploads of larger files.

I realize Nextcloud, like other platforms of this sort, are set up to begin with for a good general use scenario to try to fit the needs of the largest number of users, however, many attempt to use it as a way to have a Dropbox type of interface for serving their own files, housed locally, or on some other service they have access to.

File transfer speed is an ongoing problem. I look through the searches, and see that either it hasn’t been addressed successfully, or that it is apparently difficult to get the server tuning necessary to make it a successful, low-effort part of the overall Nextcloud solution.

If the community is truly interested in seeing Nextcloud use grow, getting this part of the equation going smoothly, and with as little administrator fiddling as possible is a big part of it.

I’m sure I will have raised a few hackles here, but that’s not my intention. I like the platform, and want to see it succeed. I settled on using it because I saw the potential, and it helps me out. However, the file transfer speed almost always seems to be way behind simple scp, rsync, samba, or other types of transfers, which are lower level and more mature. I’m not sure what in the Nextcloud platform causes so much overhead to be used, such that it slows things down so significantly, but people expect such things to “just work” these days, and it is a real turnoff for people considering platform adoption to install it, and then be hit with such a large performance lag when they try to upload or transfer through the web interface.

If this has already been addressed, then my apologies, but I’m still trying to get it worked out, have followed many of the solutions presented, and am a bit disappointed that it has been so difficult to deal with, especially when I didn’t even consider it would be an issue when I installed it to begin with.

Any thoughts, or updates as to whether this has been fixed or not? Does a fresh install these days “just work” in regards to fast transfer/upload speeds, or are there still significant tweaks that have to be made to the host system to get these things working quickly as expected?

There is not just the file transfer itself, there is some housekeeping in the database that runs in the background, and this extra-layer needs resources.

Like this?

What are fast upload/download speeds for you if you take for example a file transfer with scp as reference? 10% of the SCP speed, 50%, 90%?

Tuning systems is not easy, the services by default are not optimized for Nextcloud, the size of database an caches depend a bit on the number of users, how Nextcloud is used (which apps, many small files, few large files, many shares, …).

The AIO install was supposed to have something that should work fine with most people.