File storage (mime/size/directory)

Is it possible for nextcloud to store files in different directories on the back end? Based on mime type / file size.

The end goal would be to have smaller files stored in a SSD pool and larger files stored on rust and some mime types on a separate server (mounted nfs).

I’m surprised this doesn’t already exist in nextcloud.

By default it is not possible for Nextcloud to store data on different drivers or folders. You can try to experiment with the Files automated tagging and Workflow external script apps to get this job done, but I’m not really confident that this is the right way to do it.

I haven’t seen any other OS yet, which supports such a feature - why should Nextcloud support it? Hard drives are so cheap that there is no real benefit for such a function.

Who’s talking about OS?

Hard drives are cheap and are great for large files. They are not great for small files due to iops. They are fine for small nextcloud installs with limited users but if you have a lot of users not so much.

You can use SSD cache,nginx cache/varnish/etc but it’s a bandaid. Nextcloud should have this functionality in place.