File sorting options

Hi all, can I somehow change how files are sorted in a folder?
Now directories comes first when listing files, bookmarks etc which is rather annoying since we expect files to be sorted alphabetically.

So options for setting how sorting files and folders are done in general listings would be very helpful. Maybe it exists but I just haven’t found it yet.

Are you talking about the desktop client, the Android app, the iOS app or the Web UI?

Hi, we are jumping between iOS, Android and desktop webinterface depending on where we are.
Files are normally sorted in order of importance, not alphabetical but that’s a different thing. We do not separate folders from files when sorting alphabetical.

I’ve just added Bookmarks and there it would be great to be able to do drag-n-drop custom sorting instead of be left with alphabetical, folders-first sorting.

I think it is not possible. But you can search or create issues.

nextcloud / android
nextcloud / ios
nextcloud / desktop

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Hi, thank you