File size is too large for Destination using WEBDav

Hi when i upload a file via webdav connection i get this error


Any ideas?

Install is on Ubuntu 20.

the server has 4GB ram, so this is the limit for file size to upload?

“…too large for the destination file system” should not have anything to do with RAM.

Most likely the data disk is formatted as FAT32 that has a limit on file sizes it can handle (4GB).

that does make sense, i will ask the server host.

using the sync tool is fine, webdav it doesnt work.

Well, that rules out an ancient file system…

If I understand correctly, WebDav uses SMB. What OS does the client computer run?

In the FreeNAS world similar issues were caused by SMB implementation…

hi, the os is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (The Focal Fossa), 64 bits on the server

Client is Windows 10 Pro

Another SMB connection is fine. I also cant copy large files off the server using the SMB connection.

I just checked the drive properties on the client and it says the drive is FAT not NTFS.

Looking into it, it is a Webdav connection problem and its limited to 4gb. I edited the Registry, but it didnt work.