File sharing is not available in the web interface

Good day to all!
File sharing doesn’t work in the web interface, but it works in the mobile app and desktop app. Nextcloud v. 20 is installed. What can it be?

Solution: updating the nextcloud version from V. 20 to V. 20. 0. 1 helped me solve this problem. Thank’s!

I found one feature: when I switch the language settings in my account from English to Russian, the file sharing tab disappears. Any idea how to handle this?


  1. search the forum as there’s at least one more thread about it
  2. someone said deactivating scriptstopper OR/AND adblocker did the job as well.

btw: welcome to the forum

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Thank you for your recommendations! I checked in different browsers with extensions disabled. I think that the problem is in the localization of the language, because as I wrote earlier, when I’m in the account, in the “Settings” -> “Language”- select “Russian”, the “Sharing” menu in the “Files” section becomes inactive.

anyways… someone mentioned that it helped them.

As for the other problem with the localization… I hope someone filed an error-report for it.