File sharing in the Windows client with password.

File sharing in the Windows client with password.
We use the current Windows Desktop Client 3.7.4.
When I want to assign a password in the sharing options, I don’t get the option to assign a password, but instead an error message and a constant gyroscope.

This error occurs when I want to do this on our recently installed Nextcloud. On a “hosted nextcloud” it works perfectly with the same client. So the error should actually be with our nextcloud. However, I cannot explain this.
Does anyone know this problem and can tell me where the error is?

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Maybe you can first compare the password settings in https://cloud.server.tld/settings/admin/security. Even if you have higher security requirements, you may be able to temporarily simplify the password rules to find the real bug. Post password rules for working and not working on your Nextcloud instance.

Also maybe the passoword is emty because of your error message. Can you check it and post another screenshot?

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You are right. If I lower the password settings, it works. When I enable password sharing in the client, the client creates a password with 10 lower case letters. Now how do I get the client to follow our defaults when suggesting passwords? 10 lower case letters is not a password, it’s a joke.
This ist our standard:

I encounter this issue too. (Version 3.7.4 on Arch Linux). For me this is a bug. The client appears to generate a password that is weaker than the password policy that is set on the server.

In the WebUI the password can be generated, although the generated password is shorter than the password policy I have set.

I now also see that this is an error of the client, which does not adhere to the defaults when suggesting the password. The release via the web browser works perfectly. A valid password is suggested there. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this in the client settings, nor have I found anything in the config files. The question now is, where can I report the problem so that it can be fixed?

Ich sehe das jetzt auch so dass das ein Fehler des Clients ist, der beim Vorschlagen des Passworts sich nicht an die Vorgaben hält. Die Freigabe über den Webbrowser funktioniert einwandfrei. Dort wird ein gültiges Passwort vorgeschlagen. Leider gibt es in den Einstellungen des Clients keine Möglichkeit das zu fixen, auch in den config Dateien habe ich nichts gefunden. Die Frage ist jetzt, wo kann man das Problem melden dass das gefixt wird?

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I have now reported the error in Github: Windows Client does not adhere to the password requirements of the NC. · Issue #5549 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub