File retention policy - Archiving to the external storage

This file retention app has already done 60% of the work, now please add a feature to move items on to external storage with original path and it can be backported as a core archiving feature. Just like Amazon S3 lifetime manager on NEXTCLOUD. Dirt cheap encrypted archiving solution.

Currently, the retention app just being able to delete after set %time seems to be lacking in usage, If we could add an option to change it’s behavior to: when %time is due, all matching files to be moved to external storage or trash bin or any path within the NC platform retaining it’s original path it would be archiving solution and file lifetime management solution in one package.

Selectors can be simple as:
Rule applied path - /path/to/files
Var - year, month, day, hour
Dest - /path (trash/deleted files); (attached external storage/path); (local anyother mounts /mnt/arch/$user/…/…)



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