File Restore: When files are deleted from S3 folder, user cannot see file to restore

V18.0.0 on Ubuntu (Amazon)

  1. Admin -> Share folder1 to User1 (non-admin). Folder1 configured for S3 storage.
  2. User1 Upload file f1.txt to folder1
  3. Login as User1
  4. User1 delete f1.txt
  5. User1 try to recover f1.txt
  6. User1 cannot see f1.txt

My admin looked into this. When files are deleted from S3, the files are moved from S3 to a local file system. Is this affecting the restore?

Admin can see and restore. User cannot see file in order to restore


Is this different if its another storage? I think the file is always only in the trashbin of the owner …

It works fine locally (VirtualBox/Ubuntu) without S3. I thought it was an S3 permissions issue at first, but then it’s stored locally in UBuntu, so S3 isn’t even in the loop. Unless there’s a bug in the S3 Handling WRT Ubuntu.

If it works with a different story its a bug. Best to open an issue, but without being a paying customer, likely nobody will worry …

Bug already created