File-related comments and tags in email notification template

When sharing files with other nextcloud-users, these users are informed via email notification that a new file is available to them.
It would be great if this email could also contain the comment and tags that were manually added to the uploaded file.

You found how you can edit the template?

Well, yes and no. The template editor was dropped in Version 12, so it is no longer possible to adjust mail templates directly in the admin settings besides changing theme colors.

Apparently it is still possible to overwrite the templates though.
You should be able to find some details in your nextcloud 13 manual: “/core/doc/admin/configuration_server/email_configuration.html#using-email-templates”

This settings is how setup smtp for Nextcloud using external email for notification.
But is not have template for sending email to user about new file uploaded.

It’s the section just above the SMTP-Configuration. The title reads:

Modifying the look of emails beyond the theming app capabilities

There’s also a link to a more detailed setup guide, BUT that is only available if you paid the vastly overpriced subscriber fee of at least 1900$ / year.

Thank you about this info.
But I think is to expensive for this part of time.

One more question if you know,
I can edit not from admin part but in to code (php or html) what template you think need to edit ?