File Permissions (Deleting)

Hi all,

Is there a way I can enable delete Permissions for our users, but block them from emptying trash? I don’t want to be constantly ‘impersonating’ users to check what they are deleting.

I also need to know, if a user deletes a file, does that file go into the owner of the files’ trash, or the user who deletes its’ trash?

I basically need a system where users cant accidentally delete files.

Also, if the file is permanently deleted in Windows, does the Sync Client move the file to trash on the browser?

Thanks in advance

I test three cases:

user shares with an user:
The second user can delete the file and delte the file in the trash
Perhaps there are configurations to deny this.

user shares with public link
The anonymous user can delete the file but not access the trash.
Perhaps you can use passwords and the user can store the url in nextcloud.
(-> )

guest user ( )
The guest user can delete files but not access the trash

I think the better way is to not allow delete files in the folder.