File permission problems since updating webinstall from PHP 5.6 to 7.2

Hello everyone,

i’m running my nextcloud install on a webspace at all-inkl without having access to the console. So i’m using only the web-install/upgrade/config and can upload files via FTP.

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: all-inkl web-install
Apache or nginx version: apache
PHP version: 7.2 CGI/FPM

Yesterday after upgrading from v13.0.5 to 13.0.6 i saw the info message about PHP-Version i have to use with coming nextcloud 14. I was on PHP v5.6 and normaly it is no problem at all-inkl to changes this for my nextcloud subdomain-installation to 7.2. The upgrade process to 13.0.6 was ok without having any problem. Nextcloud was running fine after that.

The php config-process from all-inkl told me i have to change the file ownership of all files from php-user (www-data) to my ftp-user. So i’ve done this and after that nextcloud wasn’t working anymore.

NC-Path: /www/htdocs/user/nextcloud/
data-path: /www/htdocs/user/cloud-data/

Problem was that my cloud-data path is not inside the nc-install path. So i change the chownership of /cloud-data/ manually to the ftp-user. Then i still had problems accessing my nextcloud and so i played around with the directory-/file-permissions. After changing everything to ftp-user with 755 i could access again my nextcloud.

Until todays lunch. Access to the nextcloud was really slow and often run into timeouts. After some hours i got an e-mail from all-inkl: they disabled my cloud-install because of heavy file access which was penetrating the server - maybe spam. And they told me to change the file permissions.

So now i was again reading and playing with my file permissions but didn’t find a working configuration.
Meanwhile a had the ftp-user as owner again with 755 and everything was running again but i want to have it save again.
This manual says i have to set every directory to 750 and every file to 640 with php/server-user as owner. But this is not working. I always get error 403 with this.

So what should i do now?

Thanks to everyone,

anyone? :pensive: