File or directory uploaded directly like ftp etc not showing

Hello friends,

Is there any option in nextcloud, if i upload any directory of file directly to nextcloud data directory its not listed/showing on nextcloud.

thank you

You like to have them listed?

Check options of occ command. There you can scan your directory.

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It’s best not to do that, as it can lead to silent data corruption. But as @rakekniven said, you can tell Nextcloud to scan the new files using an OCC command. You can also set in config.php (
'filesystem_check_changes' => 1,

A better approach would be to set things up using external storage, so Nextcloud expects changes to happen externally.

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Like @linucksrox said: Don’t do it.
Change your tooling to use webdav or sync clients.


thank u @rakekniven and @linucksrox, problem has been solved.

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