File not encrypted on external storage (Nextcloud)

Nextcloud version : 15.0.7
Operating system and version : Debian 9.8
Apache or nginx version : NginX 1.10.3
PHP version : 7.0


I configured a remote Nextcloud instance as external storage and enabled encryption on the mount. However when create or edit a file in the remote storage (using my computer or the Web UI of my server), the file is sent to remote server, but it’s unencrypted.

This is the first time that I try to use this feature, but as far as I know and according to the documentation, the file should be encrypted before being transmitted to the external storage as long as the server-side encryption is enabled and encryption has been activated on the external storage. Has someone ever faced the same issue as me? Or is there a specific way to create or upload files to make sure that they will be encrypted by the first instance before being sent to the external storage.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Enable server-side encryption and allow users to mount external storage
  2. Connect as simple user and create an external storage, connected to a remote Nextcloud server (version 15).
  3. Go into the folder which links to the external storage that you just created and create a text file, type some text and close the editor to save it.
  4. Connect to the Nextcloud server that you use as external storage and few seconds later, you should the see the file created earlier.
  5. Open the file and you will the text that you typed earlier, instead of en encrypted content.

I can confirm that. Never played with external storage before but one of the users on my server pointed this out. I did test to reproduce and indeed files on the remote side are accessible (used nextcloud to nextcloud).
Havent seen anything weird in the logs either.

So it means that it wasn’t me who did a mistake, but the encryption on remote Nextcloud server really have an issue. Can Nextcloud team tell us if they are aware of this problem and if there are working on it.

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I have the same problem,

  • Second Nextcloud instance set up as external storage in my Nextcloud.
  • All files land unencrypted in the second Nextcloud.

Nextcloud Server 16.0.1

Is there a statement in the meantime?

I would like to report this bug. Is there a way to do it without creating an account on Github?

I am experiencing the same issue here with NC 16.0.1 and S3 external storage.

Already reported.

GitHub Link