File names not showing on phone in portrait mode

Hey… for some reason my file names aren’t showing in portrait mode, it shows in landscape mode, and on my pcs, and on grid mode, but both my phones have this issue in portrait mode, which is the mode I use often. can I fix this somehow?

Odd. Perhaps provide some details on which browser you are using? Can you change settings with fonts or font size perhaps?

Another option as a workaround is perhaps using the Nextcloud App.

The browser I’m using is Chrome.

NextCloud App works fine, but would still like to access it from browser. Don’t know how to change font settings :<

Please check the settings on your device.

Just did a clean install of 16.0.5. It works perfectly. It’s just on version 17 I’m getting this issue. Damn. Looks like I need to downgrade >_<

I just ran a short test on my mobile phone and it seems indeed to be a problem of the Chrome web browser, Firefox works as expected. Due to the fact that the file names can be seen for a short moment when the screen is refreshed, I assume that the problem is related to the screen layout and font size. A lot of space get lost because of the displayed size and change date.
I would recommend to open an issue ticket here and in the meantime switch to e.g. the Firefox browser.

(BTW, the zoom factor can be changed within Chrome under Settings > Accessibility).

Hey. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried Firebox on both my Iphone SE and Samsung S8, but that doesn’t fix the problem. I’m happy you tried explaining it to me though! :slight_smile:

The zoom feature doesn’t work either. The only thing that works at the moment is requesting Desktop view on my phone. Guess I’ll fly with this for now until it gets fixed. Thanks for your input and I will def send a ticket.

I’ve just seen that an issue ticket already exists for it.