File Movement/Deletion ?s

Trying to understand the following:

Ok setup file sync

Subfolder = daily

Photos from my Iphone uploaded and I can see them in the web gui and [\Server\media\Nextcloud\Test\files\Photos\2023\08\09]

Then I deleted the 09 folder directly from the share listed above and Pics still exist under Photos in the web gui that I deleted from the share how/why is that?

This is via webdav?

You didn’t say anything about a shared drive/folder…

If you have deleted the files (e.g. via the terminal or directly on the external hard drive), you must first perform a file scan:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all

You always have to execute the command if you do NOT delete the files from the web interface, but from somewhere else, so that the changes are applied.

This is running on a docker on an Unraid server

So the docker app is @


The file storage is Server\media\Nextcloud\Test\files\Photos\2023\08\09

OK looks like I just need t o terminal to my docker and run occ files:scan --all. Thanks for the help!

For this purposes, you have external storage (“external to Nextcloud”), this means even local storage can be modified by other programs/processes.
If it is to implement some procedures for automatisation, you can have dedicated apps or use the workflows.