File mine type (upload) option not available (File access control)


I think your text with the problem description got lost somehow.
What is the issue? From the head line, that the file type option is not available, it is the one selected on your screenshot. So a little bit more text would help to understand your issue :slight_smile:

Hi Schmu,

It should look like attached screenshot, File mine type (upload).

File mine type (upload) is missing.

You are really a man of few words. Feels like I spent more time with this issue then you do :wink:

I believe this entry from the drop down was simply renamed and still does the same like before with “File mime type (upload)”.

Maybe you can describe what you want to do and what exactly does not work as expected. Then we can help.

Amazing, Much Appreciated for your quick response. I will check and revert if any any guidance from you.