File location in search results on mobile apps, etc

Not sure this is the right section to post in as it’s more of a specific mobile client app feature request, the ambiguity between client apps and server apps is not exactly the most forward thinking idea, but I digress.

The location of the file simply MUST be in the search results of mobile apps, as it is in the browser client. I can have 100s of files and folders named exactly the same thing, and without limiting single users to a very narrow range of folders, the search results are next to useless as the user would have to tap multiple times to find the right file.

Also as a side note: Push and popup notifications for Talk, on all platforms! I know it’s still beta on android, but nothing popping up or making a noise on the browser? :frowning: Maybe I’m missing something.

Just deployed Nextcloud last week, and am loving it so far! Played around with OwnCloud a couple years back and wasn’t terribly impressed. It has definitely come a long ways, and is perfect for the purpose of entirely local (as in no internet) file sharing. Going for a full deployment hopefully in the next few months.

Keep up the good work!

I can help with Talk :slight_smile:

a) Make sure you have Notifications app on the server
b) Install
c) Let me know what phone you have if notifications still don’t appear
(for calls you always get notifications, for messages only if you’re directly mentioned)

a) :heavy_check_mark:
b) :heavy_check_mark:
c) I don’t use calls, just text (asynchronous communication is important) and mostly only direct messaging with individuals; having to mention someone to get a popup is not practical. Maybe an option to always notify on certain threads and/or conversations with only two participants?

I really like the way Flock flashes your browser window and plays a sound to get your attention. It’s hard to miss. I would love to have this ability for all the guys I’m pushing production prints to.

An additional note and off topic, but it would be awesome to be able to get a notification if something is placed into a certain directory. We have a “For Review” folder for marking up prints, and it would be nice for our guys to just pop something in there and have it notify certain people in a group. Maybe I could get it to work with the auto-tagging app.

One last brain dump while I’m at it. Let’s see how far off topic we can get today… In general I find the file properties and tagging system very clunky and not capable of doing multiple selection with the exception of delete and move/copy operations.

Again, keep up the great work!!

I’m talking about mobile where you get a push notification :stuck_out_tongue: While I’d like to show push more often, this needs fix on the server and there’s already an open ticket.

But I guess notifications handling in general will be improved in the future.

As for tagging/properties, did you file bugs? :stuck_out_tongue: