File list (Table) in WordPress page


I would love to make a file listing at a WordPress page. That means only the files that are in a certain folder within NC or have a specific tag should be published in that file listing. When new files are added then they should be added to the file listing automatically and the file listing need to be sorted again.
Have spent some days already with plugins that do webdav but nothing seam to work… a simple iframe would probably a solution to.

What i had in mind was a table:

[Name of the document] [image preview]
[Name of second document] [image preview]
[Name of third document] [image preview]

When you click te name of the document it opens the document in a new tab or download the document. Sorting by name is needed… an extra would be sorting by date.

Anyone have s suggestion how i can make this?

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Looking for the same function but wasn’t successful yet…