File gets locked in OnlyOffice


we have a odd issue and I don’t know where to look for the issue or solution. We have a document (.xls) and we shared it with 10 partners. They have a Nextcloud profile, but don’t have access to the folder, just the file within the folder. After some days the shared file (.xls) got locked somehow. No-one can change it, if he/she opens it in OpenOffice (which is part of the Nextcloud).
Even i cannot change it in OnlyOffice and i am admin.

When I open the file (.xls) I can just click on “Files” and “Extentions”.

Did someone locked it somehow? What happend?

We can use other files normaly and if I download the file, i can change it.


ps. We use Nextcloud 24.0.2 and OnlyOffice 7.5.4

I still didn’t find the solution for it. We9 ll have to replicate the file (copy/paste the numbers in the cells to osther file). Even if I duplicate it. Is remains locked…

This is from the Log:
Files not found: 2973248

So OnlyOffice doesn’t find the file or something?