File & Folder Lock Functionality

Greetings! Our IT team has enabled file and folder lock functionality. However, there appears to be no documentation on any version of the Nextcloud User or Administration Manuals on this topic. Can someone please either refer me to the proper location where it can be found, or explain its functionality?

Experimenting, I did discover:

  1. Selecting the lock icon results in the message, “Locked by [user name]”
  2. Selecting only prevents the user who enabled the feature from accessing the file until the lock icon is selected again (a real head scratcher).
  3. Locking has zero impact on transaction locking and no impact on preventing others from accessing, modifying or deleting the file or folder (also a real head scratcher).

A. What does it do?
B. How can it be used?
C. Have I described a configuration issue?
D. Does it interact with File Access Control functionality? If so, how?



Thank you for the feedback.

Great questions @RonWithEbix! You may be interested in this post: File is locked error message

As several contributors have referred readers to a page in the admin manual on the Transactional File Locking mechanism, as quoted below,

… I have trouble understanding a storage-related function within that page of the manual (here):

  • Operates at a higher level than the filesystem, so you don’t need to use a filesystem that supports locking