File Duplication, sync nightmare

I have a client that I am running Nextcloud 10.0.3 for (Centos 7, PHP 7.0.1, VPS self hosted), and it’s been painful with sync issues, and my client has been getting frustrated, and rightfully so. The latest specific scenario is this:

User A is “master” folder owner. User B makes file changes and moves and renames files and folders, makes deletions of both files and folders inside “master”. Nextcloud syncs, and it puts the deleted folders and files back in place on user B’s workstation. User B has full permissions of all of edit/change/share/delete. My assumption is that Nextcloud says “User A has this file/folder, let’s put it back for user B or C or D and so on”?

This folder continues to grow exponentially, and is making a mess of the files and creating dupes and confusion has set in. The desired scenario is that deletions and changes sync across all users, regardless of who changed/moved/deleted.

Any insight would be appreciated.