File-drop : not clear when a file has been uploaded

I spent some time trying to see if this feature was available in the core, or through plugins, and if this had been already discussed… Apparently not, so here is a request for something we would like to do :

  • We share some folders to e-mails (custom share link for people who don’t have an account on our nextcloud instance)
  • We set them to “file-drop” (upload only)
  • Since there is apparently no way for the uploader to see the list of files already uploaded on the folder (except temporarily his own uploads - but some users miss it, and anyway it disappears after each page refresh), we keep getting e-mails/calls asking us to check if the file has been properly sent, extremely tedious as we do this for a large number of people
  • So our suggestion would be to either allow read-only access+upload share permissions (ie. full access except possibility to edit / remove existing files) OR allow sending automated emails to the share link recipient after each upload

The first solution would probably be best (and I believe that’s how Dropbox works)… Anyone had the same issue in the past, and if yes any (other) suggestion ?

Thanks in advance !

It used to work that way, but I just checked and confirmed that you can no longer have a file drop which also lists the contents (without giving full access to change or delete existing files, so that is no good).
One workaround which might be too complicated for some would be to create two share links. On the first link, set it as file drop upload only. On the other link set it as read only. Then they can have one link where they can upload files, and another link where they can check which files are there. I hope that helps.

I would suggest adding this feature request on their repository