File Drop missing subfolders


We want to share a folder with subfolders (file drop) for our customers. Customers access the folder by the shared link in a web browser.

The problem is that the customers only see the root folder and not the sub folders. You see only the subfolders when you grant the customers to upload and edit. We don’t want to allow our customers to edit files/folders.

Is it possible to share a folder with subfolders for file drop? Multiple links for all folders is not handy for our customers.

I hope someone can help us.

Nextcloud version: 13.0.2
Operating system : Ubuntu 16.04

No, that is not possible. File Drop means that there is no “list” permission, therefor they don’t see the folders while they exist … That’s the very idea of file drop. Likely there is another solution for your business problem but you don’t tell us enough about that … The idea of file drop is that multiple but completely unconnected people can use the same link.

Thanks for your comment.

Maybe there is another solutions. We want to ask customers to upload there files and to put it in the right folders.
For example, we ask customers to upload the following documents:

Put your certificates in the Certificate folder.
Put your Curriculum Vitae in Curriculum Vitae folder.
Put your annual statement 2017 in the folder 2017.

Is there someone with a solution for this?

yes, you can give them a link for each one … seems easier anyway then to expect them to change to the right folder …