File Drop Could not upload


I have freshly installed the latest version of NextCloud on a CentOS 7 server with Apache 2 / PHP 5.6. The server is also completely up-to-date

Everything seems to work fine except for the File Drop functionality. I have created a folder, shared it with a public link and a password on top of it.

When somebody tries to upload a file, they immediately get the message “Could not upload [filename]”. The user who shared the folder can upload content when logged on to nextcloud in the folder.

What could be causing this? I can’t find anything in the logging.


When you look into the developer console of your browser, what is the response status of the PUT request for that file (on success, it would be a 201 Created)? Maybe that gives a hint or more details.

Hi Mathias, thans for your reply.

I get this response:

HTTP500: SERVER ERROR - The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

(XHR)PUT - https://****.com/public.php/webdav/


I have disabled modsec rules for the domain and able to upload the files.

Please try,