File deleted from server but links still active

Hello, I have a problem with my nextcloud server:
it is linked to my AD for the user directory.
I created a user in my AD, it was added to nextcloud I uploaded a file there then generated a sharing link, I then deleted the AD user so it was impossible to connect to it on nextcloud but the problem is:
the sharing links still work, I tried to navigate to the nextcloud data folder to delete the file in the user’s directory but it is still accessible via the link even though the file no longer exists on the server can someone explain to me???

The files are still there somewhere.

I don’t think Nextcloud deletes users when they disappear from LDAP (this would be an absolute nightmare in case of a malfunction or accident). So if your intention is to delete the AD user, you should also delete the Nextcloud user.

If the user was disabled in Nextcloud, they may not show up on the web GUI user list. You can remove them with occ.

I tried a first time but it didn’t work but I must have made a mistake in the user’s id when copying it because I tried again and it worked thank you!

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