File conflict on every auto upload

I get a file conflict on every new picture that is automatically uploaded using the Android Nextcloud client. For every picture the app ask’s me if I want to replace the picture with a newer version, but I didn’t change anything in the picture. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the whole app, but this problem still exists. Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?


Exact the same problem here. Server and client language are german. And it is like this for about a week or so since i updated to 19.0.3

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I have the same problem. I have been experiencing it since I first installed Nextcloud. Currently running 19.0.1 on the server, and 3.13.1 of the Android App.

Today I verified the SHA25 hash of the files on my server file system with the hash of the file on my phone and they match.

Even if I tell Nextcloud to replace the remote image with the ‘updated’ local copy the notification returns.

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I have the same problem with certain files continually showing as having a conflict on the Android client. Very annoying to continually have conflict notifications.

Pretty sad to have such fundamental bugs for months without them being addressed…

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Same File Upload conflict here. I have hundreds of conflict messages. I uninstalled the Android app for a month. I tried it again today and the hundreds of conflict messages return. I’m giving up.


Check the timestamps of the files, both on the source device and in nextcloud. I have a vague memory of having trouble with something because a timestamp was reset to “no timestamp”.

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I have the same issue butonly with >2.5GB files. It looks like the server takes too long to combine the chunks.


Any solution found here?

I have a brand new ubuntu installation with apache2, php8.0-fpm, http2, a smb mount for data directory, a haproxy reverse proxy on my firewall.

On my windows client I have conflicts every time I upload multiple files in directory/subdirectory structure, and as TO mentions also on every auto-upload from my android phone.

Really annoying as I do not trust nextcloud with this happening.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Same problem here. Very frustrating. How to diagnose ? Can’t we make some rules to automatically resolve conflicts ?
Update : just found it in auto upload settings. Select the dots, configure, then in case file already exists, ignore it. Solved !