File categorization via tagging


I want to categorize files or to be more precise my documents I stored in Nextcloud. The file tagging seems to be designed for access control features. Is there a function to tag files with categories and use the search to find objects that carry a specific tag?

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That’s tagging was designed for, too.

I think it would be nice to implement an exclusive filter for tags, and limit the recursion of the filter. That way the relationships of files and folders could be well defined and relationships easily queried.

Is there a way to
a) categorize tags? (maybe via an app?) i.e. if I have photos stored and I want to type in photographer and location, then “photographer” and “location” would be the categories, and e.g. “Richard” and “Joe” the tags in the category “photographer”, and “London” and “Paris” the tags in “location”.
b) search for a part of the tags? If a) is not possible, I would like to tag my pictures as e.g. “photographer:Richard” and “location:London”, and another one as “photographer:Joe” and “location:Paris”. Searching for “London” should result in the first picture, while searching for “photographer” should list both pictures.

Thanks for your help, and sorry if this post is misplaced.