File Access Control

Hi All,

I’ve just recently setup Nextcloud from scratch and its working great. I would like to control what types of files are allowed to be uploaded & downloaded from nextcloud. I’ve added the app "“File access control” and using Admin manual using the zip example, I can see it blocking zip files which is great.

/^application/(zip|x-zip|x-zip-compressed)$/i = works as expected

My problem is that i want to block executable’s and some other types from being left of the system, but I don’t know what I’m doing, all the other topics i can find all basically send you back to the admin manual which doesn’t help someone like me.

I’ve blindly tried a few things listed below, none of which seem to work and I’m a little bit out of my comfort zone.


Could someone spare me a few minutes to knock some mime type sense into me please.

I’m running version 11.0.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

Many thanks


Easiest thing should be to upload the file in question and then look into the database.

I identified the following regex for you:

For more information you can also look at
That is the list of “file extension” => “mimetype” we identify. If you want to identify more files, you find a comment about that in the first 5 lines of that file.

Hey, i don’t find the File Access Control App on my NC 11.0.1. As you run the 11.0.0 version, did you find it in the App Store ?

The File Access Control App is shipped with the nextcloud core. Just enable it in your disabled apps list.

Thanks for the quick reply, this worked perfectly.

Thanks ! Just a reflection, we can’t find it with the research item.

I tried it and it block other file type than msi files like .ICO
To remedy to that I’ve replaced the octet-stream by msi: