File access control multiple subnets

I have a flow defined as follows;

I would like to add another subnet to the list. ie That is, if client is not coming from either or, block the file.

Tried adding a second instance of the flow indicating the second ip but that did not work.

How does one enter multiple subnets?

Is this just a typo or did you actually specify That would be the explanation why it didn’t work…

It has to be… for to for to for to

It was a typo, but shouldn’t really matter. Question is how does one enter multiple subnets?

Not sure if this what you meant by saying: “Tried adding a second instance”? But I would click on the “Add a new Filter” button and add a new rule identical to the first one but for

You mean two separate flows? I tried that, didn’t work. I imagine there’s someway of specifying two cidr’s in the single flow?

I have changed my previous post in order to explain what I meant…

Can’t you just add an additional rule, identical to the first rule but for the second IP range, by clicking on “Add a new Filter”?

Sorry for not being clearer. Second instance means a second filter. Identical to the first with the only change being the cidr address. This results in neither white listed IP able to access the tagged files/folders.

It would appear the flow treats 2 filters like that as an AND rather than OR evaluation. So either both subnets need to be entered in the same filter somehow, or it’s a bug in the app.

Ah ok. Makes sense.

Which doesn’t seem to be possible unfortunately.

…or or maybe simply a missing feature which has not (yet?) been implemented. Maybe you can open a bug- / feature request on Github: