File access control is not probably working with the nc-client


I difined with the file access Control app properties to forbid access to a certain Folder. This works fine in the web Interface - The related users got no access.
But i’ts not really working with the nc-client.
If I want to enter a forbideden Directory - it’s not limited. I can see the content of the folder, subfolder and so on. I can open/read files. If I write a file temporary on my pc the file is generated. But in this case I got some error Messages in the nc-client like synscronisation not possible/not allowed.
This behavior is a Problem.
I want to limit access to a Folder because the “forbidden” users are not allowed to read Content.
This users do not know that they are in a forbidden folders and wonder why they got error Messages while syncronisation.
Is there a solution?

Please, report bug here:

I’m not registered at github… Sorry