Fetch Next Cloud Folder & Files in PHP/Laravel Website

I have a client who wants to fetch all his next cloud folder & files in his website. Website is built in Laravel… I am not able to find any related resource on google. Can someone please guide me on which API I need to work on or is there any sdks?? It’ll be much appreciated.

Did you check nextcloud admin documentation?


Lots of API info available on Google. Try adjusting your search terms. Here are a bunch of related topics:

nextcloud api.documentation at DuckDuckGo

I’m unclear on what you are asking to do. Are you trying to download a website for archiving?

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No, I want to just fetch all files and folders in an external website (that i built for my client)…

For example there is an API for google drive where i can go to console and connect my website and get all the files from google drive and display it on my website Likewise I need to do it with nextcloud.

I have looked into documentation It has an option to fetch files via webDav… When I call that api it says you need a webDav for it… And i am not sure what is webdav and how I can get there using Laravel.

Thats why I had to ask the community if anyone had done the same job before they could guide me better.

Webdav is what Nextcloud it built on to allow files and folder syncing. It is an open standard that is supported on all devices and operating systems. You can code a solution for your client with webdav and it will be compatible with your Nextcloud.


There appear to be a number of webdav options for laravel if that helps.


I am looking into it. If I need further assistance I’ll drop my concern here. Your help is much appreciated. Thankyou!