Fetch Mails from your Nextcloud Mail App possible?


im trying to “ungoogle” myself a bit. Nextcloud actual is holding now my calender, contacts, Files and Pictures on a VPS Host with my own Domain. It syncs them with caldav, etc

Next i want to look at the Mailthing. I have 4 Mailadresse at different Providers (1 Gmailadress is collecting the other 3), these are syncd to my android phone and im using the gmail webmail to send mails as @gmail.com but also as the other 3.

How do i do this with nextcloud and open source software?

If im right, nextcloud has a mailapp, where you can add your mailadresses, but can you access your own nextcloud installation with imap on your androidphone? that would be the perfect solution

Another idea is to fetchmail the mails, sort them in my own imap server (dovecot?) and send them with sendmail. is this possible?

I just want to make clear, i dont want to send/receive mails from my own new domain, i want to use the 4 Mailproviders for that.

Is there a solution?




Thank yoou for this answer.
When i do the fetchmail, dovecot,etc solution, is it at least somehow possible to use the webmailinterface from nextcloud? Or do i have to,setup roundcube as a seperate thing?

Yes. The nextcloud webmail interface is also an IMAP client, essentially the same as roundcube or rainloop. You only need one of them.

After reading many hours about own mailservers, security related mail topics, configuration of the varoius linux software, always keeping your packages up to date for security reasons and many more i decided to pay for a mailhoster adress.

Then i dont have to worry about misconfiguration, white and blacklists,backups, and worrying if it was my fault that the server was hacked and was used to send spam. Running your own mailserver is quite time consuming.

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