Feedback/Feature suggestion: option to directly open the settings window

Hi there,

TLDR: I would be absolutely happy about a setting to restore the old behavior when clicking the Nextcloud tray icon, i.e. (double-)clicking directly opens the Nextcloud settings window [2].

Just was forced to update Nextcloud because our company doesn’t seem to support the 2.x Nextcloud Client anymore. Personally, I find the small pop-up window [1] that opens when clicking onto the Nextcloud tray icon which was introduced in 3.x pretty useless because apart from server messages (which are absolutely unimportant to me) it doesn’t tell me anything.

If I click on the Nextcloud icon that’s either because I want to select folders to synchronize or pause/manually start synchronization. With the new update, this function is a few more clicks away. I don’t know what the purpose of the small window is at all? It’s looking cool, but it’s useless imho. Apart from that, I absolutely love Nextcloud and have been using it for years now.

Thank you very much!

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[1] Pop-Up Window: M.L. Cloud
[2] Settings Window: M.L. Cloud