Federation connection not working between 2 instances on same intranet

I have two instances of Nextcloud in an intranet. It’s an air-gapped environment, and I want to access one Nextcloud website from another, but it’s not happening. I’m getting an error message: ‘No server to federate with found,’ and in the logs, it says ‘Host violates local access rules.’ Can you help me with this? Is there anything I should do?"

Did you follow the process to setup federation?


i have done everything related to the dpocumentation , havent checked that much on the configaration tips .
ps: iam using ha proxy behind my nextcloud instance

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For federation the Nexcloud instances must connect each other with WebDAV / https . I think here is a problem.

do you have any steps for that sir?

If you with command line on one of the servers you must be able to connect the other server e.g.
wget https://cloud.servername.tld

Unfortunately, I don’t know how this is solved behind a reverse proxy. But maybe you can look in that direction.