Features Wishlist

Hello dear developers of Mail,

I’ve tried your Nextcloud app for a while and compared it with my other standard email client (Outlook 2019).

Based on this comparison, I have put together a rudimentary wish list of features and functions that you still have to implement to your app before it is possible to work productively with the program:

  1. Select and mark several or all emails within a folder.

  2. Select several or all emails within a folder and delete them.

  3. Delete several or all emails in the spam folder and the trash or move them to another folder.

  4. Select several or all emails within a folder and mark them as spam, so that these emails are then automatically moved to the spam folder.

  5. Filter rules with definable criteria and also definable actions if the rule applies.

These five features actually make the email app usable. In the current state of development, the email app is just a nice gimmick but superfluous without any recognizable added value.

1, 2 and 3 are doable with multiselect. We have that feature already. Pick the first message → Select and then select more messages.

I’m not sure if there is a multiselect option for junk to do 4.

We have sieve support for 5. Does that cover your use cases?

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