Feature suggestion for IMPERSONATE app (notify user, provide reason, notify execs. etc.)

The “Impersonate” app from admin perspective is a life saver.

It would be great if there was an option to add security/transparency feature:

Passive Notification of Impersonation:

[ ] Add notification for user when impersonated (only clearable by actual non-impersonating user)
[ ] Require “Reason: __________” comment by admin when using impersonate
[ ] Create entry in activity log for impersonating admin and impersonated user
[ ] Email user when impersonated (w/reason if required)
[ ] Notify additional user(s)/group(s) when Impersonation is used: [ ]
[ ] Also notify users/group above when ANY of these impersonation options are altered

I think these features would really round out the app and make executive staff and users comfortable with admins being able to “impersonate” them and other users on the system.

@MorrisJobke @nickvergessen and others

thank you for great app and considering these enhancements.

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Please create separate feature requests for each of the desired functions in the issue tracker of the Impersonate app.

Will do later today. thanks!

Super, please post all links of the created feature requests here.

Done! https://github.com/nextcloud/impersonate/issues/119

I wrote “Please create separate feature requests for each of the desired functions …” and not one issue ticket for all the different functions.

If a developers plans to work on a single issue he cannot track the progress correctly because you’ve combined 6 different points in one ticket. It would be nice, if you could split the ticket in separate ones :wink:

Hi @j-ed, yes I split them up a bit . I know “6” items, but I saw 3 divisible feature additions… I’ll take a look again and split into more. I guess I meant for #119 to be more of an overall binder to describe all of the components of the Impersonation Transparency configuration options (and how they would work together).

Also, fwiw as I am new to the github side, I didn’t see this in the queue…

Someone already has/had been working on at least email/email notification portion as recent as January, but seems to have stalled out.

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