Feature Requests for Appointments in Calendar

I want to use Calendar’s Appointment-Feature for booking appointments in tht student asvisory service. Therefor a few features are missing or hidden.

  1. Confirmation mails: configure an automatic confirmation mail which contains
  • date and time of the appointment
  • an ics-file with the appointment
  • free text which can be set in the app-settings
  • a link to cancel the appointment again
  1. Booking form: Here it would be very useful if you could define additional form fields with:
  • free text
  • predefined lists
  • radio buttons
  • check boxes
  • ability to upload files for selected fields. Files should be saved in the nextcloud in an defined folder which automated generated subfolders (one subfolder per appointment)
  • abilty to define fields as optional/obligatory
  • ability to define charater limit
  • even more powerful would be conditional fields (if checkbox A is set to „bla“ then show/do not show field B…)
  1. Option to disyplay all available time slots at once instead of date picker would be very useful in addition to the new feature to limit how far in the future appointments can be booked. Displaying the time period you can book appointments would be useful too.

  2. Talk-integration: It would be fine if an talk-link could be generated per each appointment, the link should be embedded in the appointment as well as in the automatic generated confirmation mail as well as in the ics.

Even more powerful would be the abilty to let user decide if he/she wants to book an appointment via talk, via phone-call, personally … (see above 2. Booking forms) This shold result in different appointment-bookings, confirmation mails and ics-files. But this is not urgent.

Thanks for listening.
best regards!

I am on Nextcloud 23.0.2 with Calender 3.1.0