Feature Request with some ideas

I have some ideas for future implementation in nextcloud:

  • stock app, where you can monitor your stocks, futures,… in your cloud and maybe even get notifications at specific threshholds

  • extra category for videos, that you can filter in the gallery for videos or pictures or bouth ==> already done

  • possibility to change the local path where the nextcloud app stores the local file at android to any folder of your choice not only the predefined ones

  • Possibility to add some pricetag to cards in deck and calculate the summary cross all cards in one stack

  • Possibility to share a calendar public and make people able to register for a timeslot. So that for example: Every day from 9:00-19:00 people can reserver 1h blocks. Is 1h block taken, nobody can register anymore at this block. The blocks as well as the slot size and time frame where people can publicy register should be configureable. Cool would be also if confirmations could be send after an registration. ==> already existing :slight_smile:

  • Possibility to search with filters with the default search (for example only in the current folder and better ui if there is alot of results as the dropdown is not the best way for more then 100 results^^) ==> done (Sorts - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud)

best regards

Bullet 6 exists as Appointments app: GitHub - SergeyMosin/Appointments: Nextcloud Appointments App

thx :slight_smile: I updated my list :slight_smile:

I really support the idea of a stock app to manage my stocks and futures, a good example for look and feel could be “Portfolio Performance”

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