Feature Request (Windows Client): View only instead of full sync/download



  • Local user SSD has a free capacity of 100 GB
  • nextcloud-server has about 500 GB of data of several group users
  • so it is not possible to sync the whole cloud to the local drive with Windows client
  • but the users of this group need to work with the data of the cloud (editing, moving, uploading, sharing) via Windows client, because browser is not comfortable enough


  • There should always be visible the whole cloud folders/tree in the Windows client (when network connection is available), but only these folders with a checkmark should be downloaded (as it is now)
  • this would be the same functionality like in the Android an IOS clients


Good request. I would recommend requesting this same feature on github: https://github.com/nextcloud/client/issues

We could say this is also similar to Dropbox Smart Sync: https://www.dropbox.com/smartsync

There is already another feature request:

But I added it although. Thanks.

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