[feature request] Sync of existing passwords

First of all I have to tell the app is really cool!

Actually I’m using two browsers, Firefox and Chromium parallel. Both have hundreds of passwords. Some sites only in one browser, some on both browser manually synced and very few on both browser with different versions. It would be very helpful to sync those existing password to one unique database.

Firefox and Chrome do not allow access to the users password database for extensions. So as of right now there is no proper way to synchronize this. Firefox has a proposed api to add this functionality but it is currently not part of the browser. Chrome has no plans to support this at all.

In the next year, a new major version of the browser extension for passwords is planned. Then i will check what the current status for the browsers is and try to implement a feature that “collects” already existing passwords.

After all that’s okay.
As you can import once all your password source and the redistribute them via nextcloud to the browsers. Nice to have but no must be.